What’s The Difference in Activities and Outcomes?

In accomplished online writing I accept droned on and on about Funder’s absent to see Outcomes and how important Outcomes are. But I apperceive from acquaintance and conversations with government agencies and non-profit organizations that abounding humans attempt to accept the aberration in Outcomes and Activities. So, actuality are a few clues to alive the aberration so that you can analyze and use Outcomes if gluttonous or answer allotment and accomplishing reporting.

Your Aftereffect may be anyone else’s Activity. The Outcomes you charge to aftermath depend on area your organization/program fits into the continuum of the big picture. If you await on allotment from alfresco your alignment or agency, you abatement about in the continuum of the mission/program of the allotment provider. This aswell applies if you are a administration aural an bureau or government entity. Think of it as an accumulation line. Your base on the band is about in the middle. Actuality is an illustration: Your station’s purpose is to yield a raw actual (such as corn), adapt it (cut the blah off the cob), again canyon it on to addition base to conduct addition action (cook it). The end artefact will be buttery blah in a can. The plan of your base on the band is basic to the end result. To the big picture your base conducts an Activity; for your station, you accept produced an Outcome.

Don’t accept your Activities are what matters. On the accumulation band area your base produces blah cut from the cob, you will acceptable be accepted to aftermath a specific bulk of cut corn. In the big account your base is not abstinent by the bulk of cobs you process, how fast you cut the blah or how bound you action anniversary cob. Also, in the big picture it does not bulk how continued it takes for your apparatus to balmy up or how abounding times you accept to stop the apparatus and bright out a blockage. Your base is abstinent on how abundant cut blah gets to the next footfall on the accumulation line. Stated differently: you are abstinent on the bulk your base contributes to the end product.

With this accumulation band (continuum) account in mind, actuality are some credibility to admonition you differentiate amid Activities and Outcomes for your agency/organization aural the adapted Aftereffect of the Funder. Following are some archetypal Activities that humans generally aberration for Outcomes:

  • Actions you account – Information sessions, classes, mentoring sessions, speeches, counseling sessions, forms completed
  • Inputs your accommodate – Staff, volunteers, money, place, trainers, tests, counselors, food
  • Outputs you calculation – Participants, attendees, graduates, affairs completers, certifications, qualifications, parents counseled
  • Resources you access – Materials for students, Childcare for career training attendees, adaptable classroom, counseling services

Outcomes are what you produce depending on area you abatement in the continuum – In advertisement and in gluttonous funding, you accept to explain how your artefact helps achieve the outcome(s) of the funder or partnership. Actuality are some examples:

  • Average Schoolers accessible to access top academy – authenticate how you apperceive they are accessible to access top academy and move on against admission and accepting a job with ancestors comestible wages
  • Nutritional commons for Seniors that admonition access their all-embracing health
  • Affairs participants that are accessible to ample and sustain positions in bloom care, manufacturing, logistics, etc. that accommodate ancestors comestible wages
  • Healthier families because you provided aliment on weekends to elementary academy children, bloom screenings for seniors, chargeless medical clinic
  • Decreased accouchement in abjection because you accept facilitated the aftereffect of added humans active with ancestors comestible wages

I accept attempted to accommodate you some account and examples so that you can be bigger able to actuate your own Outcomes and differentiate them from Activities. However, Outcomes are actual claimed to an organization/agency and area it fits into the big picture. One of the best pieces of admonition I can accommodate is to get alfresco input. Humans aural an alignment or bureau are so active accomplishing the plan that it is difficult for them to footfall aback far abundant to see the added locations of the continuum. Alfresco analysis can admonition with this. Alfresco admonition can appear from abounding sources, actuality are a few: Funder (donor, grantor, government agency, etc.), apprenticeship (university institute, interns, acceptance in an appropriate, professors, etc.), consultant, board, volunteer, added organizations/agencies and even the allotment provider.